Area of activities

Scope of work


LV Electrical System Design & Consultation.

As per ADDC & AADC standards.

LV electrical installation,testing & commisioning

High rise buildings, villas, warehouse, shop fitout

LV switch gear supply

Schneider, ABB, Eaton, Hanger

Electrical authority approvals

(Permanent & Temporary power upto 5000 kW) from ADDC & AADC.

Third party testing & electrical installation

Of Electrical Connections



Permanent & Temporary water connection from authority (ADDC).

Water supply system installation

Hot & Cold.

Drainage and sewage system

Drainage and sewage system underground & abobe ground.

Consultation - Drainage & Sewage

Permanent & Temporary drainage, connections, new connection port/manhole etc from ADSSC

Water Tanks

GRP Tanks, Polycon Tanks and Underground Tanks

Septic Tanks

Underground readymade tanks.